BusinessPLUS Enterprise

BusinessPLUS Enterprise (BPE) is one of the leading ERP software in Bangladesh that computerizes business processes of export oriented manufacturing companies. It automates different business processes such as export-import, commercial, accounting, production, inventory, HR etc. Dyeing mills, sweater factories, garments industries are the potential users of this software.

BusinessPLUS Enterprise acts as Your Shadow Partner inside your organization through its SMS and Email Based Information and Report Distribution Module. It provides SMS alerts as per needs of management. It also gives routine SMS to the management in predefined schedule. Besides, it automatically generates MIS reports and sends the same using email to the designated management personnel.

Key Benefits

1. Automatic alerts and updates for management in case of:
a. Deadlines
b. Drastic change in profitability
c. Unauthorizedchange of critical data etc.
2. Delivery
of routine reports automatically to the management which help quick and
accurate decision making
3. Management/Users get easy access to all the business information easily, anytime.
4. Significant reduction of workload on existing team so that they can focus on their core business activities
5. Data and information remain secured and protected
6. More than 400 different operational and MIS reports

Modules of the Software

  1. Information and Report Distribution (SMS and Email Services)
  2. Merchandizing
  3. Marketing/Export (for Dyeing Mills)
  4. Commercial
  5. Inventory
  6. Production
  7. Payroll
  8. Leave and Attendance
  9. Fixed Asset

Module Wise Reports from the Software

Marketing/ Export

  • Performance of marketing personnel in terms of # of PI issued, value of issued PI during any month or year e.g. August 2007.
  • PI Issued for specific item
  • Total value of issued PI (today, this week, or this month).
  • Summary of PI values (Marketing account wise, Buyer wise, Yarn wise)
  • Summary of LC Values
  • Monthly and yearly export report of export volume (Tk./USD) with bar diagram
  • Month and year wise quantity of export with bar diagram
  • Process stage wise status report of different shipments (EXP No.)
  • Monthly and yearly Summary report of different shipment (EXP NO)
  • LC Information report
  • Buyer wise Master LC report
  • LIBOR and Overdue Invoice List
  • Detailed Payment Invoice List (Buyer wise, marketing personnel wise etc.)

Production Management System

  • Daily production status
  • Daily delivery status from the factory
  • Buyer wise production and delivery report
  • Yarn Type wise production status
  • Machine wise production performance report
  • Outstanding delivery report
  • Type wise item stock report
  • Item Stock Report on a specific date
  • Sample order print out
  • Sample order history report
  • Detailed sample adjustment report (Date wise, Item wise, Buyer wise)
  • Sample Transaction report (Date, Amount, LC no, Quantity, Remaining balance etc.)

Dyeing Order

  • Dyeing Order information report (Reference, Date, LC no, PI no, Quantity, Color, Gauge, Lab Dip no etc.)
  • Printable Dyeing Order Report for the Factory (Basic LC and PI information, Item name, Quantity, Colour, Shipment date, Expiry date and other relevant information)
  • Dying Order Status Report
  • Buyer Dyeing Order Report with LC No, PI no, quantity, marketing personnel


  • List of Import PIs (with PI no., Date, Buyer name, Item Quantity, Unit price, Total price, LC )
  • Yearly Import Status Report of dyes, yarn, etc with ETD, ETA, In HO information
  • Month wise import status of different items (yarn, dyes, etc)
  • Import LC Status
  • Supplier invoice status
  • Stock status of different items and accessories
  • Item issue and receive report
  • Material receiving report
  • Item reorder level report
  • Item ledger of each item


  • Cash book ledger
  • Bank book ledger
  • All account ledger
  • Printable Voucher
  • Income statement for a period or year
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance sheet at any specific time
  • Cash flow statement
  • Payment and receipt report
  • Summary report of any accounting categories Pa
  • Detail Salary statement for a month
  • Summary salary statement for a month
  • Printable Pay slip for the officers
  • Printable Pay slip for the workers

Personnel Module

  • Bio data of an employee
  • Section & department wise distribution report of employees
  • Designation wise report of the employees
  • Section wise list of employees with their basic information (Name, designation, Length of services, salary, etc).
  • Working section report in the floor.
  • Facility of assign the same worker in different sections and on different machines on the same day.

Fixed Asset

  • Present allocation report of fixed assets in different units of the organization
  • Comparison report of fixed asset allocation plan and actual allocation among different unit and departments
  • Annual depreciation expense report
  • Fixed asset history report
  • Fixed asset issuance history report

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