Integrated University Management System(IUMS)

IUMS is a university management software that covers the entire life-cycle of students starting from admission through degree completion. In addition, university authority will be able to manage the back-office processes of the institution such as Accounting, Personnel Management, Payroll Management and Inventory in an integrated real time manner.

IUMS provides all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of a university management at any point in time and thus allows the management to focus on quality education more, back office process less. IUMS offers efficiency to core operations like Admission, Result Processing, Registration, Fee Management etc. It saves time, requires less resource and provide coherence among the departments.

Special Features

All modules are integrated. Example: After registration, bills are auto-generated in the billing module and Accounts Receivable is updated in Accounting module.
automatedAutomated Course Offering
Based on syllabus and current status of a student, IUMS proposed what courses he/she may take in the coming semester. During this it considers pre-requisites, course equivalence, waiver, retake, major, minor, priorities, etc.
late-fineLate Fine Calculation
Based on dues, payments, payment schedule, IUMS calculates late fine for a program/batch in one go saving significant amount of tedious work.
Course selection/section choice for next semester can be done by students using a lab computer or web. If allowed, students even can complete registration from anywhere eliminating long queues in the campus. Here IUMS will take care of Probation, Max Course Load, etc. However university management will control the schedule for particular Program/Batch/Student.
control-by-paymentControl by Payment Status
Students will unacceptable outstanding amount can be automatically blocked from registration, exam, library services, etc.
sms-emailAuto SMS and Email
Management will receive automated Email, SMS with critical information like Admission Count, Registration progress, Schedule changes etc. Students can be notified about class change/cancellation. 
system-configuration-iconConfigurable Access Control
For every user, every function can be made accessible or inaccessible. 
reportsCritical Reports
Certificate, Transcript, Grade Report, Attendance Sheet are ready to be printed. 
othersOther Features

  • Complex Degree Requirement
  • Course Transfer/Waiver
  • Course Add, Drop, Withdrawal
  • Scheduling with conflict detection
  • Web interface for Students, Teachers
  • Comprehensive Audit trial
  • Easy Faculty/Department/Program definition


  • Easy to operate like MS office interface
  • Input only obtain marks of each student
  • No manual conversion and calculation required
  • Produce Result Card, Progress Report, Merit List, Tabulation Sheet
  • It only takes 5-10 minutes to prepare the result of 50 students of a class

  1. Online Admission
  2. Scheduling
  3. Student Web Panel
  4. Pre-registration
  5. Registration
  6. Result Management
  7. Billing/ Student Fee Management
  8. Library Management
  9. Teacher Web Panel 

Back Office Modules

  1. Accounting
  2. Inventory
  3. Personnel
  4. Payroll
  5. Leave and Attendance
  6. SMS and Email base Notification
  7. Fixed Asset Management

  1. University Top Management gets different KPIs on time such as total number of student admitted in a year, yearly total revenue, number of students who got CGPA 3.5 or above in a semester etc.
  2. Management gets timely Admission Test Summary Report that is one of the key performance indicator of a university
  3. Management gets reports on program wise total number of students admitted in a semester
  4. Management gets Cash Inflow Report from Form Sale and Student Admission, Tuition etc.
  5. You can automatically view student wise total and net payable amount.
  6. Student scholarship calculation is done automatically based on different criteria such as merit position, semester result, family membership etc.
  7. Management gets an automatically calculated Program and Bill Head wise Summary Report.
  8. Management easily gets printable Grade Sheet and Transcript of a student from this software

  1. Allows customizable access control/security feature
  2. Facilitates bar code reader usage
  3. Gives flexible searching facility for all major data interfaces and explorers
  4. Allows exporting outputs to Excel, Word and PDF etc.



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