Management of any business frequently needs information on various aspects of their business e.g. sales, stock, account receivables, accounts payables, etc. BusinessPLUS is designed to provide the management with timely and accurate business information. BusinessPLUS is designed to match this requirement perfectly. BusinessPLUS covers the following functional areas of business (Modules):

  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Accounting
  • Distribution
  • Expense

BusinessPLUS has all necessary features for handling the business operations efficiently and effectively. Here the features are listed according to module:

General Features

  • Structured Item Definition (upto Group, Sub-group)
  • Multiple unit support for every item (like Kg, gm)
  • Multi-unit entry for every transactions
  • Access control for every action
  • Cash/Bank/OD/DD support
  • Network support
  • Concurrent multi-user support.


  • Purchase Order(PO) entry
  • Challan/Invoice entry against PO
  • Discount (Item-wise or overall)
  • Purchase Expense distribution (value-wise)
  • Different purchase reports
  • Delivery status reports for PO


  • Sales Entry
  • Barcode reader support
  • Bill printing (Normal/POS printer)
  • Different sales reports
  • Item-wise/Item-group-wise/Supplier-wise sales reports
  • Profit Calculation for every sale (Gross Profit)


  • Multi-warehouse
  • Scrap/Lost/Found entry
  • Inter warehouse transfer
  • Stock report (warehouse-wise, supplier-wise, item-group-wise)
  • Historical stock report
  • Bin card(Item transaction ledger)
  • Re-order level report
  • In/Out report


  • Account Ledger
  • Cash Book/Bank Book
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet, Income Statement


  • Distribution zone
  • Trip Summary Report
  • Zone-wise reports


  • Expense group, sub-group
  • Separate expense entry support
  • Entry time calculation support (10+3 can be entered).
  • Group-wise expense report.

Language Options:
BusinessPLUS is currently available in Bangla and English version.

Technology Used:
Visual Basic 6.0 is used for the front-end. For back-end SQL Server 2000 is used.

Windows 7/Windows XP/2000

System Requirement:
Any Pentium-II level PC or higher.